2021, Installation, Letterpress, Publication Design,
Video, Web Design

Using on-screen depictions of Blackness as a guiding framework, this degree project explores the effect of reductive media portrayals on the psyche as it highlights multilayered representations of Black women’s realities through various platforms.

Supercut Series

Compilation videos that touch on stereotypes of Black women, natural hair, and colorism in popular media.


Magazine exploring the multilayered relationship between media representations of Blackness and Black women’s racial identity. Writing gathered from interviews and conversations with friends and family.

Now available for purchase at $30 USD. Email to order. 

Paper Bag Prints

Coined in the early 1900s, the Brown Paper Bag Test is a phrase that describes a discriminatory practice within the Black community wherein an individual’s complexion was used to determine the degree of privilege granted to them. Historically, if a person’s skin tone matched or was lighter than the bag, they were more likely to be afforded certain social and economic advantages than a person with darker skin. The term itself is still used today, although now largely in reference to broader issues of colorism and racism that extend beyond the Black community.

Featuring quotes from several Black women, this print series highlights how skin color stratification has affected Black women’s social interactions and self-esteem.


A digital archive that provides easy accessibility to resources regarding Black culture and Black experiences. All materials on the site curated collaboratively from February through May 2021. 

[work in progress]